January’s borns are special!

Abeer albashiti
3 min readJan 21, 2023


I love teasing my beloved ones about my birthday date 21, Jan; in my twenties, I thought it was a unique number. And in my thirties, the story changed; still, I see it as a special date, but because it’s at the beginning of the year, I can reflect on my birthday and the whole year once. So efforts are less, especially when we make an honest conversation with ourselves and then soothe it. It’s a blessing to have your birthday in January!

And this year, Jan 2023, is different because of the official launch of my baby project Larimar. I feel mixed emotions; excitement, gratitude, contentment, happiness, love, and a bit of fear. It’s another phase of my career that is about to start at 17 years old!!! Kidding; it’s 37 ;)

What I love about my thirties is the freedom I have, and I am talking about the inward one; you start to let go of unsolved stuff, control less and release attachment to people, places, relationships, status, plans, achievements, and the like. You start to value joy, ease, peace, and spending time with your beloved ones. Then you feel free and serene.

I admit it’s never been easy in my twenties and sometimes in my thirties I feel it challenging, yet I am sure now it’s sufficient, alhamdulillah.

So, what is the meaning of letting go?

Letting go in psychology is more about mentally letting go, i.e., mentally releasing attachment to something. It’s to stop fighting for someone to be in our lives or for something to turn out a certain way. We let go of that need or desire and instead accept what is or what needs to happen.

Why is it essential?

This makes acceptance or actively embracing experiences, thoughts, and feelings more manageable. It builds healthier relationships on all fronts,
i.e., with yourself, loved ones, coworkers, etc.

And here is how I did it and still do:

  • Write down why you want to have this person, relationship, status, money, etc.
  • Write down what are the emotions and thoughts associated with each of them.
  • What are other sources for these emotions and enriching thoughts? You can start by working on having a solid spiritual life.
  • Start activating other resources without depending on anyone, i.e.; you enjoy your company so that any resource will sum up your joy.
  • Add more self-care actions to your routines to raise your worthiness, i.e., sports, reading books, travel, etc. Activities that benefit you only.

In my thirties, I also started to prioritize myself more and dare to be a unique bird without feeling awkward ;).

Below are the rights I wrote in my diary, yet I activated them in my thirties:

Right #1: Give yourself the right to pause!!! Inward and outward, pause from your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, plans, and outcomes.

Right #2: Give yourself the right to be vulnerable. This builds authentic relationships and reveals inauthentic ones.

Right #3: Give yourself the right to raise your standards in all aspects, not lower your expectations.

Right #4: Give yourself the right to leave anything with peace when things start to fade. It’s a sign of ending a phase and starting a new one. Embrace change!

Right #5: Give yourself the right to prioritize joy and ease and ensure your beloved ones are with you.

Right #6: Give yourself the right to mess up in any aspect; it’s part of being human. And, remember, growth after messing up is massive.

Happy birthday to all who are creating a new era in their lives. Happy new beginnings and happy endings.



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